• Close up, so we can capture all your lovely features.
  • Avoid bad lighting.
  • Avoid blurry images.
  • According to your template, try and capture the correct angle to fit on the chosen template.
  • The higher the resolution, the better the artwork!

*Please note* 

The photo you upload is what we use for our artwork creation process. Please ensure all angles are correct, your features are in frame, and that you are happy with your uploaded photo! 

In the event that a photo uploaded does not follow our guidelines, we can't guarantee the final edit to be the masterpiece you desire. If you follow our guidelines, your artwork will be perfect. We do not offer refunds or returns/replacements if the wrong artwork is uploaded. So please make sure you are uploading a good quality photo!

All models on our website are high quality photos, therefor if you want the same quality please adhere to our guidelines. We review all the photos that are sent in, and can reach out to you if there is an issue with your order. However, if we are in high demand, we can skip this process as it will delay everyone's orders.