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Tips For Taking The Perfect Picture For Your Royal Portrait

In order for us to create the perfect portrait, you must first provide us with the perfect picture of yourself. Providing Royal Portraits with a clear, close-up photo is one of the first steps toward curating your personalized masterpiece. Whether you are taking a photo of yourself, recruiting someone around you to snap the shot, or are choosing a picture of someone else to create a Royal Portrait, we have all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your photo just right.


What’s A Selfie?

Odds are, you’ve heard the term “selfie” before. A selfie is a photo that you snap of yourself, usually taken with your forward-facing camera on your phone. Since the introduction of smartphones and camera phones, selfies have become a normal part of our digital culture. Showing a picture of your new haircut or just showing the world your smiling face has become even easier by simply snapping a selfie. Selfies are most popular with those aged between 18-34 as they are most involved with social media.


Even though these types of self-pictures have been around for a while, some people still might struggle to get a clear, well-angled shot. And we are here to help with that! Knowing why we need your picture and using our tips and tricks provided below, you are sure to capture a stunning image. And we can’t wait to turn that image into a regal work of art! (Check out our collection HERE!)

Why Do We Need It?

The first step to creating your unique, custom piece is to upload your photo. Once you upload your picture, you can choose the costume or painting style of your choice and our world-class artists can get to work.


Having the right photo provided from the very beginning can expedite the creative process and allow us to start working on your masterpiece right away. Following the guidelines that we've outlined ensures that your photo meets all of our criteria. This is especially important because we love being able to incorporate your unique characteristics, facial features, and personality to create the most realistic Renaissance-style portrait in a timely manner.

5 Tips To Taking The Perfect Picture

We have put together a few guidelines that will ensure that we can successfully use the image that you provide.

  1. Get ready for your close up! When taking your photo, be sure to get up close and personal with your phone or camera. This allows us to clearly see all of your lovely features that we can incorporate into your custom canvas. 
  2. Perfect your lighting. Avoid bad or dim lighting when capturing your photo. If possible, take advantage of natural light. Standing in indirect sunlight near a big window will provide you with beautiful, natural light that isn’t blinding. Keep your light source eye-level and face your light source for the best results. If you have studio lighting or a ring-light, feel free to use these for the best results.
  3. Keep it clear. Avoid using any photos that are blurry. The clearer the photo you provide, the clearer our artists are able to curate your regal showpiece. Ask for help! If you are having a hard time taking a selfie with a steady hand, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. In addition, try to keep your hair out of your face so we can see as much of your face as possible.
  4. Get the right angles. After browsing our extensive gallery of templates, you will notice that different portraits work best with different angles. Some portraits look best with a head-on shot, while others may require a specific head angle or direction. So, try to capture the correct angle to fit on the template of your choice.
  5. The higher the resolution, the better the artwork! If you are using all of our tips and tricks above and are still not satisfied with the result, recruit a friend to take the photo. You've probably noticed the quality difference in photos taken with a professional camera, your phone's rear-facing camera, and your phone's front-facing camera. Do you have an actual camera? Try to take your picture using that for even clearer results.


Keep In Mind

The photo that you upload is what we use to begin our artwork creation process. If you follow the guidelines that we outlined above, your artwork will be perfect. All of the portrait examples that you see on our website were curated using high-quality photos. To receive similar quality, make sure you are happy with your uploaded photo before ordering. 

In addition, our team of artists is happy to accommodate edits or additions to your portrait if possible. Include notes when placing your order, and we will see what we can do to incorporate your suggestions. We review all orders that are sent in and we will reach out to you if there are any concerns with your uploaded photo. We want you to love the end result as much as we do!

Get Started Today

Whether you are ready to order from us or not, you now know how to take a great selfie! And we can’t wait to see your finished portrait. Are you ready to create your custom masterpiece? Click here to browse our full collection.


Your stories mean the absolute world to us. When you receive your personalized artwork, take a video or photo and be sure to tag Royal Portraits on social media. We can’t wait to see how you style your canvas in your home or office! You are the reason that we do this.

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