The Art Of Gift-Giving

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Picking Out The Perfect Present

Are you looking for the perfect gift? There are countless reasons you may be on the hunt for something to give to a coworker, loved one, or family member. Whether you are looking for a present for Mother’s Day, a birthday, just for fun, or because you’re in the dog house, look no further. A Royal Portrait of that special someone is just what you’ll need to brighten their day, month, or even year. Why is picking out the perfect present so important? Let’s dive into the art of gift-giving and how Royal Portraits can help you become a master of gifting.



The History of Gift Giving

The act of giving gifts goes back to the beginning of time. Even in primitive caveman culture, presents were given to show love, affection, and appreciation toward each other. In today’s world, everyone still loves to give and receive presents. However, giving gifts has become more complex than providing someone with your favorite rock.

These days, a lot of thought and devotion goes into selecting the flawless item or experience that you give to someone. Over the years, giving and receiving presents has truly become an integral part of our world. Gifts are a source of appreciation and communication across all cultures and traditions.

The Psychology of Gifts

So, why do we participate in giving gifts and how do gifts affect people? 

  • Subconscious expectations. There is a certain obligation and expectation that comes with holidays and other celebrations. We are raised ingrained with the idea that we are given gifts for certain holidays and birthdays from the time we are babies. Whether we consciously realize it or not, we likely expect to receive gifts from others.
  • Feel happy! They make people feel special. In fact, receiving gifts has been recognized as one of the 5 Love Languages. So for some, it goes above and beyond just making them feel good. Receiving a gift is actually a physical symbol of love in their eyes.
  • Improved state of mind. Research has shown that the act of giving someone a gift can provide even more satisfaction than being on the receiving end. Giving gifts can give a person feelings of generosity and value, leading to an improved state of mind. In other words, you’ll feel as good or better than the person on the receiving end.
  • It’s contagious. Giving, receiving, or even seeing people be gifted releases endorphins. This release of the happiness chemical will actually encourage others to give gifts and increase generosity in groups.

It is likely that you have a story of your own about receiving (or even giving) a bad present. There is a general rule of thumb for items to avoid while giving a gift. For example, wrinkle cream, a pet, or exercise gear. Luckily, psychology studies have proven that even when someone has a bad gifting experience, they still appreciate the gesture and the thoughtfulness of the act. What goes into choosing a foolproof present?

Picking Out The Perfect One

Would you be thrilled to receive a vacuum as a present? Some people actually would. On the other hand, most people would prefer something more personal and less practical.


In general, women tend to be more sentimental gift-givers and men seem to lean more toward practicality when it comes to gifting. The gift of a Royal Portrait truly gives the best of both worlds when it comes to the type of gift. They are personalized and sentimental because they’re literally customized with the face of your choice. Yet they are practical because they are a beautiful piece of art that is sure to polish off any room or office. 

We’ve all heard the saying “know your audience” before, right? This goes for gift-giving as well. When thinking of purchasing a present for someone for an upcoming celebration, take into consideration who you are purchasing for. Consider your relationship with them, the cause of the celebration, and their personality. Ask yourself, “What do I want to communicate with this present?” Do you want to make someone feel like on-top-of-the-world royalty? Who wouldn’t want to feel that sense of regalness and nobility?


Who We Are

Now that you know the history of giving gifts and what goes into choosing the perfect one, it’s time to pick out that gift for the person that you’re celebrating. At Royal Portraits, we curate authentic 19th-century portraits and Renaissance-era oil paintings and combine them with your photo. Our team of world-class artists will take your selfie and turn it into a priceless piece that belongs above the fireplace. While creating your custom canvas, our artists capture your unique facial features and characteristics to capture your personality in the finished portrait.

Custom Canvases From Royal Portraits

When it comes to picking the right canvas to portray you, we have it. We have personalized canvas portraits for men, women, couples, and even babies! The process is extremely simple for you. All you have to do is pick a costume, upload a selfie, and our world-class artists will get to work! Below are a few of our best sellers, but we have tons of options!

Ready to create your custom masterpiece? Click here to browse our full collection. Please let us know if you have any questions. We promise to always treat you like royalty!

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