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Royal Portraits Introduces Pet Portraits

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering pet portraits! Now, you can honor man's best friend in a regal portrait on your wall. These canvases will be just as custom, personalized, and noble as our regular portraits. These are hand-crafted and designed to portray your beloved pet's personality and quirks. Let's dive into the details of what kinds of pet portraits we can do, how to do them, and why you should!

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The Details

Our expert designers craft your custom pet artwork with precision, care, and attention. We will turn your pet into royalty, by capturing their cute personality and unique facial expression and turning their photo into an incredible one-of-a-kind pet artwork. You'll be proud to show your unique piece off in your home. 

Are these just for dogs? Absolutely not! We can create a PAWSOME custom portrait for almost any beloved pet. And we have streamlined the creation process to be extremely simple for you. 

The Perfect Photo

Sending in the perfect photo is the key to getting the highest quality portrait of your furry (or not furry) friend. We know it can be tricky to take a nice shot of your pet. Here are our tips and tricks to ensuring that the photo you send in is sufficient for our artists. Feel free to bribe your pet with a treat!

  • Get ready for your close up! When taking your pet's photo, be sure to get up close and personal with your phone or camera. This allows us to clearly see all of the cute features that we can incorporate into your custom canvas. 
  • Perfect your lighting. Avoid bad or dim lighting when capturing your photo. If possible, take advantage of natural light. Placing them in indirect sunlight near a big window will provide you with beautiful, natural light that isn’t blinding. Keep your light source eye-level and have them face the light source for the best results. If you have studio lighting or a ring-light, feel free to use these for the best results.
  • Keep it clear. Avoid using any photos that are blurry. The clearer the photo you provide, the clearer our artists are able to curate your regal showpiece. 
  • Get the right angles. After browsing our extensive gallery of templates, you will notice that different pet portraits work best with different angles. Some portraits look best with a head-on shot, while others may require a specific head angle or direction. So, try to capture the correct angle to fit on the template of your choice.
  • Bribe with a treat! Don't be afraid of a little bribery while trying to get the perfect shot of your furry friend.



Our Extensive Pet Collection

Our pet collection has 19 different templates to choose from. We even have the option for portraits containing multiple pets! We know that you're going to absolutely adore having a personalized canvas honoring your cherished four-legged family member. 

The artists who design your canvas strive to capture your pet's cute personality and unique facial expression to turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The canvas print that you receive won't be generic, it will captivate who your pet is!

Shipping Times

Keep in mind, our world-class artists look at every single order and photo to ensure that you have a masterpiece that you'll cherish forever. Our canvases are not computer-generated and this takes a little bit of time to perfect. 

Our usual shipping times are 2-4 weeks from the order date. During busier times, peak periods, and sales, this can increase to 3-5 weeks. At checkout, we provide an estimated delivery date that will be more accurate at the time that you place your order. Shipping prices are a flat fee:

  • USA: $8.95
  • CAN, UK, AUS: $14.95
  • Europe: $14.95
  • Elsewhere: $17

If you have any questions regarding shipping times and rush orders, please reach out to us! Your satisfaction is a top priority to us and we will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Ready to Order?

SHOP NOW and pick out which template best fits your fur-ever friend's personality. The General? The Captain? The Princess? You are sure to find a template that is perfect for your pet!


We can’t wait for you to receive your regal portrait and to see how much you love it. Be sure to tag us or use the hashtag #myroyalportraits on your posts showing how you hung and styled your Royal Portrait.

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