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Reasons Why Your Little One Will Love a Royal Portrait

As a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, you know that those special little children in your life are just like princes or princesses in your eyes. And they deserve to be treated like royalty! Not only can we give you some suggestions on how to give them the gift of royal confidence, but you can also actually boost creativity and spark joy along the way. Want to know how a simple, yet legendary gift can do all of this and more? Keep reading and we will fill you in on all of the details.


The Perfect Gift

You may have recently come across our article on picking the perfect gift for your loved ones. Gift-giving is so important for so many reasons. It makes the recipient feel good, it makes the gift-giver feel good, and it shows appreciation for your loved ones. Picking the right present goes beyond grabbing something last-minute at the store on your way to the party. Even when it comes to kids! Imagine giving a custom-made, thoughtful present at Christmas or a child’s birthday party. The gift of a personalized portrait portraying them as a prince, princess, or other regal figure is a gift that they can hang on to and cherish for years and years to come. Plus, you’ll put all of those mediocre gift-givers to shame with your unforgettable present.

Art and Children’s Development

Did you know that art is crucial to the development of babies and children? Art is extremely important all the way through adulthood as well. Studies have shown that introducing art into a child’s life at an early age can advance their development and creates a great way for children to express themselves. Sometimes before they’re even able to communicate through speaking. Here are some of the benefits that art can provide for children of all ages.


Boosts Creativity

Art develops a child’s creativity. When a child is creating a work of art, they’re able to express themselves and even communicate through their paintbrush. Creativity is an extremely important thing for children to develop and art is one of the ways that we can help children sharpen those skills. Having artwork in a nursery or child’s room allows them to incorporate artwork into their daily surroundings. This allows them to be able to see the beauty and interpret meaning through artwork on a daily basis, both consciously and subconsciously.

Eases Anxiety and Stress

Along with helping to develop fine motor skills, art is known to reduce anxiety and stress. Even before they’re able to express it to us, children do experience these types of feelings. It can be hard for kids to communicate or for adults to recognize these feelings of anxiety and stress. Both creating and consuming different types of artwork can help children to ease or relieve this.

Sparks Joy and Confidence

Art makes people happy! Whether you know it or not, paintings, drawings, and other types of artwork spark joy in the mind. They stimulate the right side of the brain, which is the visual and intuitive side. It is fun, expressive and makes children and adults happy to have in their environment.

“A 2005 Harris Poll found that 93 percent of Americans agreed the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for children. In another 2009 study, 12 years of data was collected for the National Educational Longitudinal Survey to look at the effect of education, visual, and performing arts on the achievement and values of children. The study found that students who were highly involved with the arts outperformed less-involved peers, even within low socioeconomic groups.” To put it simply, art boosts confidence in children. And the higher levels of confidence lead to better performance in the classroom and in everyday life. 

Is your child this confident? They could be!


Our Gallery

Nothing will make your child more confident than growing up around a portrait of themselves as the noble kid they are. Seeing themselves each day dressed in their regal attire and noble enough to have their portrait hung on the wall will do great things for their confidence and creativity. This shows them from an early age that art is relative to them and that they can express their creativity in several ways.

What better way to reap all of the benefits of development and artwork and celebrate your child than with a custom Royal Portrait. It is a great way to showcase your child as you see them every day, as complete royalty. We have a lot of fun options for children’s portraits that you’re sure to love. Here are some of our best sellers for royal kids!


Even better, if your child is old enough, you can involve them in the creative process of ordering a portrait. They can take or choose a picture of themselves, pick out which noble template they’d like their face displayed on, and excitedly open the package once it arrives. They will absolutely love having involvement and creative freedom and are sure to love the end result.

Our expert designers will craft your custom artwork with precision, care and attention. We will turn your baby into royalty by capturing their personality and unique facial features. We will turn your photo into an incredible, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. These beautiful works of art will be the perfect addition to a nursery, children’s bedroom, or any other room in your house. Are you ready to create your custom masterpiece? Click here to view our large gallery of Royal Portraits for kids.

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