6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

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Home Decor Ideas and Renovations To Upgrade Your Space

There’s no arguing that nearly everyone is spending more time in their homes these days. While spending more time in your home, you may notice more and more things that you could change to improve the overall look of your home. A lot of people are using this as the perfect time to declutter, decorate, and revitalize your space. This will help you enjoy your time in your home more and will have it in tip-top shape when you’re ready to have guests over. Not to mention, it’ll keep you busy in this time where you feel locked in. We have 6 tips and tricks to help you organize and refresh your style within your home. Let’s dive in!

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Why Now?

Now is the perfect time to get organized and refresh your space. With the cold of winter gone, spring cleaning happening and summer right around the corner, it is time to declutter and decorate. When you have organization and cleanliness in the home, you will feel more peaceful and comfortable within your walls. Having an area that you enjoy spending time in that is cozy and inviting will actually reduce your stress levels in the home.


It’s time to get rid of old junk! We know it can be a hard decision to choose whether to keep or toss old items that you’re hanging on to. They may have some emotional connection, story or nostalgia attached to the item. It’s time to get rid of some of the things you’ve been hanging on to. At the very least, put some of those items in storage. Have you heard of the Marie Kondo method? She recommends asking yourself if the item sparks joy to you. If it doesn’t it is time to toss it.

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Make a Great First Impression

A great way to improve your house is to start with the first impression. When people are walking up to your door, what do they see? Having a clean, freshly-mowed yard is a great place to start. Plants, a fresh coat of paint on the door, a shiny door handle, and a cute or clever doormat are all things that people will notice before they step foot inside your home. Updating these things doesn't take any experience and is very cost-effective.

Add Color with Paint

Liven up a room of your house with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t feel like painting a whole room? We don’t blame you! Accent walls are the perfect way to freshen up a room with minimal effort. In addition, it establishes a focal point or pop of color in the room and will draw attention to the places you want to show off. Accent walls can change the whole look of a room for the better but don’t require a lot of work on your part.

Hang up some Artwork

This is an area that you can really let your creativity and personality shine. Having artwork on your walls will make your area look unique and sophisticated. You can choose pieces that really showcase your personality and overall theme or color scheme of your home. Looking for a unique masterpiece to hang up at your house? Royal Portraits has your back. Our unique 19th-century inspired portraits are sure to make your room look regal and bring a smile to your guest’s face. We curate these custom designs to incorporate your face, creating a personalized canvas that you’ll be proud to display. SHOP NOW to see which design would look best in your home. And click here for all of our tips and tricks for hanging and styling artwork on your walls.

Lighten Up

Having the right lighting in your home can make a huge difference. A bright, well-lit home can make space seem bigger, more open, and can even elevate your mood. Choosing unique light fixtures and upgrading your bulbs is a simple, affordable way to brighten up the room. If you’re going for a more relaxed, calm vibe, get some bulbs that can dim. Dim lighting is known to make things more relaxed and romantic.

Refresh your Kitchen

An upgraded kitchen is most likely to increase your home's value. While doing a full kitchen remodel can get pricey, there are some affordable ways you can make your kitchen look nicer. First, start by decluttering your countertops. When counters are clean and free of junk, it makes the area look larger. Second, make sure the kitchen is clean! Ensure your appliances are free of fingerprints and the sink isn’t full of dishes. Next, update your cabinets. Getting brand new cabinets can be expensive. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to paint your cabinets. White cabinets are extremely popular right now because they make the room look stylish, clean and organized.

Love your Space

When you decide to pull the trigger on decluttering and decorating your home, you’re going to feel so much better about the space you're in. You’ll feel accomplished and proud of what you were able to upgrade and accomplish with minimal budget and experience. Using these tips, you are sure to revitalize your space and make it one that has people feeling welcome, cozy, and impressed with their surroundings.

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